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Sanguiโ€ฆ. Sanguisugaโ€ฆ. SANGUISUGABOGG

Sanguisugabogg. I first saw the indecipherable logo pop up I forget where, but thought Iโ€™d give it a shot because one of my favorite artists (Warhead Art) drew up the cover of their demo โ€œpornographic seizures.โ€ In an age where death metal is over-saturated and overdone, these caveman riffs really pulled through, especially for a demo. At 11 minutes, it is short, to the point and often provides a great break as a stress reliever. Chuggy, crunchy, knuckle dragging “down tuned drug death” guitar, accompanied by heavy drums and intense growling that blend together. Then came the memes. I know this sounds corny, but they nailed down advertising and really got their name out there. 

It was not long after that they announced that they were going on tour. I couldnโ€™t wait and hoped they lived up to the hype theyโ€™ve been building. I saw them at their Philly stop on November 30th, 2019 at the Pharmacy, which is a coffee shop. It was small, crowded, shit was probably going to get destroyed and they delivered. The place was packed and they were as tight as the split room was crowded. These musicians have honed their craft, providing simple but far from boring and I look forward to more releases from them.

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